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    The Art Of Kissing

    Kissing is so beautifully paradoxical; at once both incredibly simple and deliciously complicated. It's the first powerfully intimate act you engage in with that new special someone. Kissing is that "First Step", which implies it's a small, relatively easily attainable rung on the ladder. But, despite that implied availability, kissing is crucially important to an intimate sexual relationship. If there is a real simpatico between the lips of you and your lover, it's like nuclear fuel for your love life; just a little bit creates incredible heat. Kissing the one you love can also be a profoundly healing, even spiritual, endeavor. 

    But, if, the two of you don't kiss well together, it's a problem. A Deal Breaker, even. And, come to think of it, that's what's best. Because if I don't like the way you kiss, and you don't like the way I kiss, it's best to cut our losses. Like, now. Because it's not fixable. 

    That particular problem of mutually incompatible kissing has arisen in my romantic life once before. On some level, I knew it was doomed because of that from day one. Except we didn't cut our losses, because we had such the hots for each other, that, well, kissing got overlooked. Until it couldn't be overlooked. It's not the main reason why the relationship failed, but it certainly had something to do with it. Somewhere, in the recesses of my romantic subconscious, I knew the answer to the question, "Can I be with a woman who doesn't like how I kiss?", was a deafening, "No".

    We learn to kiss on the fly. We learn to kiss by kissing. Which means we aren't very good at it in the beginning. I was especially wretched. I had a mouthful of metal and no confidence at seventeen, when I first made out with a girl in the backseat of my buddy's 1971 green Ford LTD. By that time, I had been aching for a lip press for about five fuckin' years. So when I finally got it, it meant something to me. It mattered. 

    Kissing a girl had been an elusive Holy Grail for years. I had literally, dreamt about it. So I was determined that, once I got it, even though I may suck at first, I was gonna get good at it, quickly. I was gonna apply whatever instinctive tools I had. I was gonna practice, pay attention, and be really into it. I was gonna dig deep and I was gonna bring it, every time. Like Tom Brady, waiting for his chance to take the helm at quarterback, whenever I finally, achingly, engaged, it was All Systems Go At Maximum Warp. I was gonna be great at this.

    Join me for part two. Like a great first kiss, this is just a tease......


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    Between You And The Wall

    Should you ever find yourself up against The Wall

    With your back pressed tightly against it


    Feeling like you have nowhere to go

    Feeling like you don't know what to do or where to turn

    Feeling like there is no one who can help


    I will put my strong and loving arms behind you

    I will put my strong and loving arms around you

    I will cradle your body 

    I will cradle your soul

    I will pull you towards me

    I will meld myself to you and to your struggle


    I will put myself 

    Between You and The Wall


    So that you may breathe

    And in that breath

    Take that first crucial step away from the edge

    With me


    You Will Be Safe

    You Will Be Loved

    You Will Be Okay

    You Will Know

    That I Have You

    You Will Know

    That We Are In This Together

    No Matter What


    We Will Move As One



    Or maybe Straight Back

    Right through that Fucking Wall


    We will do

    Whatever it takes

    To get you out of there


    That Is What Love Means To Me 

    That Is What You

    Mean To Me


    - Clint Piatelli


    Love's Up

    Love relationships change our lives. Whether it’s an intimate sexual relationship, or an intimate non-sexual one, if there is love there, that love energy has the power to touch us, move us, shift us, change us, even turn us inside out.

    With every love relationship I have, be it a friend or a lover, I go as deep as I can. I go as deep as the relationship allows, as deep as you allow; maybe I even push that envelope. I am open to exploring the depths of myself, the depths of you, and the depths of us. I will connect with you as deeply and as powerfully as this relationship allows. And each relationship is unique. Each one has its own shifting floors and ceilings. I want to be at the top and the bottom of that flow with you. I want to be riding that intimacy edge.

    That sounds pretty intense, and it can be, but it doesn’t have to be. Riding that edge manifests itself in countless ways, unique to each relationship. What I bring is the energy and the desire for intimacy, for connection, for love. And then I go with what you give me, with what you want, and flow with the energy of whatever we create together.

    The following quote is possibly the most beautiful and complete description of love I’ve ever come across. It mirrors my own feelings very sharply.

    "I do not want to be lost in love; I desire to be found. Discovered and uncovered bit by glorious bit; mind, body, heart and soul revealed and revered in each facet. I long to have my paths wandered by an explorer on a deep journey of love who reveals in the sacred space experienced in each discovery of the divine. I do not want to be lost in love; I desire to surrender to it fully, a willing leap and not a stumbled fall."    ~Ara



    Even when we aren't having sex, we have a SexLife.

    Our SexLife is not defined strictly by whether or not we are currently having sex. Our SexLife is far more encompassing. It includes our sexual history, as well as the visions we hold for our sexual future.

    I'm not suggesting that we are defined by our past. However, in the context of our SexLife, just like in our LifeLife, our past is only ignored at the expense of our present, and at the expense of our future. Let's learn from all of it. Let's apply those lessons going forward.

    My approach to love making has always been from a place of wonder, fascination, connection, playfulness, and intensity. Women awe me. Love awes me. And I have developed a deep appreciation for beauty that serves me well.

    With that, I offer you my latest interview with Lauri Handlers (, from her internet talk radio show, Sex & Happiness.

    This is a User Friendly Podcast. Download it and listen to it at your leisure. Maybe on your way to work. Maybe just before you and your lover plan to Get It On.


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    The Evolution of Love

    Someday, in the maybe not so far future, we humans are going to communicate with animals in ways that today sound like science fiction. 

    Presently, we Homo sapiens are only scratching the surface of how we communicate between ourselves, within our own species. So it's "No Shit" that we have virtually no understanding of how animals communicate with each other; we have no fucking clue how animals communicate with us.

    That's where we are at, presently. And, even within that, we connect with animals in profound and beautiful ways. We reach them through the most powerful frequency of Pure Love. Just like the most powerful and profound way that we humans connect to each other. 

    Lo and behold, this communication between species is not limited to domestic animals. Have you seen some of the videos of people having amazing, intimate interactions with Tigers, Lions, and Bears (oh my!); With Wolves and Primates? Have you seen how some of us have the ability to bond with wild  animals in ways that seem impossible? 

    There is something magic here between us and animals already. There exists some wavelength of connection between humans and animals that is supremely powerful. So why is it absurd to believe that we will deepen that connection, and gain a new understanding of it, of them, as we evolve? Why is it ridiculous to know that, someday, we will be able to bond with animals in ways that approach, or even exceed, the level of connection we currently feel with our own species? 

    I already see that. I see that, someday, we will be able to communicate on a mutually understandable level that will make our current paradigm appear positively rudimentary and primitive. Which it is. 

    But, even this current connection is beautiful, and deep, and sacred. It needs to be honored. And nurtured. And developed. There's so much we can learn from animals. 

    Someday, I believe we will share this earth will animals, with indeed all sentient beings, in a way that will shift our planet and our collective consciousness in ways we can't even fathom. And that shift will coincide with a major shift in our understanding of each other. All of it will be simply a development of our connection to that which Lives, that which Gives Life, that which Is Life, with that which is Love. Someday, I see us able to vibrate together with ALL that lives, with ALL that loves. Including trees and plants. There is already evidence that plants see, and feel, and experience, and connect, and respond, to love, to us and to this world in ways we don't get. 

    We aren't as smart as we think. I believe we are only as intelligent as our capacity to feel. And we have a long way to go before our emotional intelligence, our love intelligence, catches up with our intellectual intelligence. 

    I'm doing what I can to further this rather heady aspiration. This very post was all gleaned from a simple, beautiful picture of me and a little dog named Scooby.....


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