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    Welcome To ClintWorld

    When I travel, I take plenty of video footage and lots of photographs. I tend to capture my experiences in the moments I'm experiencing them, which leads to some entertaining, wry commentary, and to many unique observations and perspectives. I let the viewer inside my mind (which probably scares the hell out of many). Then I'll edit the footage and the photos when I get home and create a very personal, irreverent, off-beat travel video. For my entry for "The Greatest Job In The World", I took some of that footage and boiled it down to one minute's worth of mayhem. I still think I'd be great for that job.



    Arrogant Bastard Ale

    When I was in Death Valley in August of 2006, I came across this beer called Arrogant Bastard Ale. I had never heard of it before, and the name and graphics on the bottle compelled me to buy it, even though I'm not a beer drinker. I was so enamored with the concept of naming a beer "Arrogant Bastard" that I made a mock commercial of it. It's on my YouTube channel, Clintsmayhem, as well as a bunch of other short videos. Enjoy the satirical foray, and go buy a bottle.


    Clint Carnival 2008

    I don't know why it took me so long to post this video. It's been on YouTube for months...

    In late August, I attended Carnival in Provincetown, Massachusetts, for the first time. This video accurately documents my experience, so I don't want to embellish it with too many words. But I will say that it was a very difficult day for me when the journey started. I was struggling so much with some personal shit that I even considered not going. But luckily, I was able get my ass in gear and totally immerse myself in the spirit of the moment. It ended up being one of my favorite days of all time. If you haven't been to this event, and you have an open mind, then go. It will blow it. Your mind I mean.


    Runnin' With The Devil

    In July of 2007, I moved into an apartment. I was unpacking the night before my favorite road race, and I came across a few pairs of spandex pants. Leftover relics of bygone days. I pull them out at Halloween, or when I want to lounge around and don't feel like sweatpants. Which is quite often, because I hate sweatpants. Anyway, what I couldn't find were shorts to run the road race in. Necessity being the mother of invention, I started thinking. Which is always dangerous.

    Divine Inspiration hit me like a flash bomb at a Van Halen concert. "Run the race in the spandex pants. Why not? It'll be fun. Hot, but fun. Better yet, run the road race as a guy who would run a road race in spandex pants. Besides myself, of course. No brainer. My absolute favorite spandex donning human being of all time, Diamond David Lee Roth. Enter the race as David Lee Roth. Makes perfect sense. Done." And that's how quickly it happened.

    I had so much fun doing it last year, that I did again this past July and shot it. 

    My intent with this video story is to illustrate how much fun it can be when you show up for life as yourself. And when you're being yourself, you're coming from your heart. Especially if it's quite a few steps (or miles, in my case) off the beaten path. If you didn't worry about what people thought, how would you run a road race YOUR WAY?


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