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    Just A Dad and His Twin Boys

    This was the last picture my twin brother and I ever took with our dad. Today being the second anniversary of his death, I thought he'd like to see this shot of him and his twin boys together. Yes. I know he still sees me. And talks to me. Sometimes I think I hear him even better now. I Love You dad.



    Wild Harbor Road in late October

    Cape Cod is not all scrub pines and sand dunes. We experience a fantastic explosion of colors in autumn. It peaks here up to three weeks later than in Boston.


    Rocks. Water. Wind. Sun.


    Fall Fire

    Is Mother Nature a Babe or what?

    © 2008 Clint Piatelli. All Rights (and Wrongs) Reserved


    First Sunrise

    On a Friday night in November, 2004, I bought my first digital camera. The next morning, I woke up early and looked out my window. It was going to be a spectacular sunrise. I grabbed my camera, threw on whatever clothes were lying on my floor, and ran up to the widow's walk. This was the first picture I took with my new camera.

    That camera has been with me through blizzards, the Mojave desert, and trips to California. It's survived below zero temperatures, hurricane force winds, and been dropped more times than I can count.

    I think I killed it this past weekend when I took it out with me jet skiing. 

    © 2008 Clint Piatelli. All Rights (and Wrongs) Reserved

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