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    High Impact

           When’s the last time something, or someone, gave you goosebumps? When’s the last time something you saw, or heard, or did, or experienced, moved you so much that your whole body went into auto response and just took the rest of your being with it? Do you know what I’m talking about? To quote the movie The Warriors, “Can you dig it?”.
           When we are in a receptive state, when we are open, we allow ourselves to be impacted and moved and touched. Maybe it’s not always goosebumps for you. Maybe it’s some other cue your body gives you that lets you know something is being deeply moved by something in your life. Chills up your spine. Tears. A smile that seems to have a life of its own. Simple laughter. When we are available to ourselves and to our lives emotionally, all of that and more happens to us. Regularly. It certainly does to me. And it’s fuckin’ beautiful.
           I want to feel that alive all the time. I want everyone to. For a while now, I have felt a little like a raw nerve, but in a great way. Life is touching me, and I’m touching it. I’m responding, touching back, giving back. It’s like an energy loop. It’s not linear, but circular; a beautiful feedback carousel of emotion, discovery, passion, love, and vibrancy.
           As I allow myself to be so impacted, I am also impacting that which impacts me, because I’m putting myself into it, giving myself to it. We’re feeding each other, myself and my life. The more I nurture it, the more it nurtures me, and vise-versa. Just like any great love relationship. Just like making love.
           What I want is to maintain that state as much as possible, rather than come in and out of it, which is how it usually is. The more we self-identify ourselves as artists, as artists of our own life, the more connected to that state we are. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. You are an artist. Whether you know it or not. You are an artist of your own life.
           Let me see what you’re creating from your soul.   

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